Monday, March 21, 2011

First List

Peter's - CLOSED
Dillions - Now Purnima, OPEN:
The Mixing Bowl - CLOSED:
Seascape - UNKNOWN
The Olde Stone Mill - OPEN:
Sebastians - CLOSED:
Finn McCool's - OPEN
Lela's - CLOSED:
Campania - CLOSED: (Chef Cerniglia actually died - suicide)
The Secret Garden - OPEN:
Handlebar - CLOSED:

Guiseppi's - CLOSED:
Trobiano's - CLOSED
Black Pearl - CLOSED:
J Willy's - CLOSED:
Hannah & Mason's - CLOSED:
Jack's on the Waterfront -CLOSED/OPEN. Open with a new owner (,
Sabatiello's - CLOSED:
Fiesta Sunrise -CLOSED:
Cafe 36 - CLOSED:

Listed: 20
Closed: 15

Updated March 21, 2011


  1. Seascape is closed
    Finn McCools has a new owner

    and some sites say that Purnima is closed as well

  2. Sarah's correct. Seascape is closed.

    Olde stone mill is now owned by the Antonees Gourmet Family.

  3. Damn. It must be really hard to keep a restaurant open these days.

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  5. This list is proof that Ramsey making a few changes can not change the reasons these places were struggling originally-Bad ownership and management

  6. Running a family owned restaurant is very difficult. My family has had one for 20 years and its had its problems over the years. But if you loose interest, IT'S OVER!

  7. Sante. La Brea CLOSED.

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