Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Updates

Hot Potato Cafe - CLOSED:
Flamango's - OPEN: Now, The Junction:
Bazzini - CLOSED:

Monday, March 21, 2011

First List

Peter's - CLOSED
Dillions - Now Purnima, OPEN:
The Mixing Bowl - CLOSED:
Seascape - UNKNOWN
The Olde Stone Mill - OPEN:
Sebastians - CLOSED:
Finn McCool's - OPEN
Lela's - CLOSED:
Campania - CLOSED: (Chef Cerniglia actually died - suicide)
The Secret Garden - OPEN:
Handlebar - CLOSED:

Guiseppi's - CLOSED:
Trobiano's - CLOSED
Black Pearl - CLOSED:
J Willy's - CLOSED:
Hannah & Mason's - CLOSED:
Jack's on the Waterfront -CLOSED/OPEN. Open with a new owner (,
Sabatiello's - CLOSED:
Fiesta Sunrise -CLOSED:
Cafe 36 - CLOSED:

Listed: 20
Closed: 15

Updated March 21, 2011

What this is

I am not associated with the show Kitchen Nightmares (info here: ) but I enjoy watching the show and have wondered how all the places have been doing. So I decided to start this blog to list the information as I'm able to find it. If you have information or updates on any of the places, contact me so that I can list it on here.